Sorry okey ?

hey alls ! how are you ? here . now i want to speaking english because i want to talk to  doodles owner maybe . i know .,. i use your doodles without your pemission . and i want to talk " sorry " and now .. at my blog have only two doodle . and i don't know where i take the doodle. because that i not to credits to who ? i want know who are you ? you from tumblr or devianart ? if you from tumblr , what you link of tumblr ? if you from devianart , what your link of devianart ? now . you see my header .. i not to use your doodles or etc. .i'm use the cartoon of story "inazuma eleven".  i love this cartoon :)so,  no complain from you please ? can i know ? who comment's this ? "Well, even if they aren't yours, you still have to ask for their permissions, you know. It's because, they have their own rights to defend their works/doodles. For example, like you, if you put a copyright mark OR you have worked really hard on a work/doodle, for sure you don't want people to use it without permission, right? So, next time, please be a bit polite since people also have their own rights to defend their works and doodles. I don't intend to put a hard feeling between our conversation right now, I just wanna say what is right and what is not. So, no hard feelings here~ Don't be sensitive okay. I'm just saying~ So, thanks for lending your eyes just to read my comment. Talk to you later.~" .  ouh .. i'm know you , right?  hey hey . i'm know .. my english is bad ! so don't say anything ! :) i hope you understand what's i'm tell with you okey ? again , i'm sorry okey . and ... can you comments here . who's you are ?


Anonymous said...

wah bagus2.. pandai jgk ckp omputeh yer... :)

Arisa Dania said...

bantuan google . hee .